Artists Communicate Through Their Work

For the theme of this project, I chose who I am. I love going to the lake and my family goes almost every weekend. This piece is a picture of the Jordan Lake river. the picture of the lake shows who i am because i also love boating. Although I don't go sailing, I put the sailboat in the picture to represent boating in general and to add something to the picture.

Artists Take Risks

This project was difficult because everything was close to the same color and it was hard to define the trees without drawing each individual tree. I had to use a couple of different techniques on the trees so that they were more defined. The technique that worked the best was using colored pencil to draw in some tree shaped squiggles.

So far, I have used a lot of colored pencil and graphite on my projects. For this project I decided to use chalk pastels. These worked really well for blending all the colors in the water. This material was different so I had to use different techniques throughout my piece.




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