Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two-in-One in Progress

Two-in-One in Progress


   I incorporated the two-in-one theme by using similar shape. My two in one project combines a jellyfish with vines and ferns. I am using a jellyfish body with the plants being the tentacles.


   I am using the pencil/graphite medium for this project. I chose this medium because I like it the best and it is the easiest for me to use.


   So far I am having trouble using the right proportion for my drawing. It is hard for me to draw my two-in-one large enough on the paper. It is also difficult to get the right shading and make the body of the jellyfish symmetrical.


 Successful areas

   The most successful areas of my art piece were the shading of the body and the ferns. The shading turned out very nice and gave shape to the body. The ferns reflected real jellyfish tentacles.


   If I could change one thing, it would be the flowers on the tentacles. They were not very large and did not have shadingFrom far away, it was hard to tell what they were.


   I incorporated the theme two in one in my art piece. I used a jellyfish and ferns/flower vines. I used the jellyfish body and made the ferns the center of the jellyfish tentacles and the flower vines as the outer tentacles.

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