Art 1 Final Exam

Required Question:When working on your art in this course you had a range of choices in each project.  This was the first year Apex’s art department used the “Open Art Room.” Do you feel that this range and choice encouraged you to grow as an artist? Please explain how it did, if not, explain how it in.

Open art room did encourage me to grow as an artist. In previous art classes that I have taken, I have had a hard time with some projects because there was one specific topic we had to base our art piece on. If the specific topic did not relate well to me, it was very difficult for me to grow as an artist. Open art room made it so that there was a variety of choices for each project. This way if one topic was difficult for me, there were others to choose from. This made projects much easier and much more fun to create because I could choose something I could relate to. This allowed me to grow as an artist because I was able to use any medium I wanted for most projects and I had more options as to how I could interpret a topic.


What is a technique you used in your artwork that worked well? Explain what technique it was and why it was successful.

One technique that I used in my artwork was chalk pastels. For the perspective project, I chose to do a picture of the lake. The lake water has many different colors in it, so chalk pastel was the best choice. The chalk pastels allowed me to blend many colors and give the lake texture. Many other mediums don't blend colors as well, such as colored pencils; or they completely mix so you don't see all of the colors. Chalk pastels blended enough to be smooth, but not so much that you didn't the colors that were mixed.

Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.


My most  successful project was the color project. The theme I chose for this project was creature. I decided to do a turtle because I wanted to do something creative with shapes. The turtle shell really allowed me to use this technique. Drawing the turtle was hard for this project because you had to proportion everything correctly in order for it to look right. Once I drew the turtle, the project became very easy. I drew designs in the shell and used shapes inside the fins. This project was also very successful because the colors worked well together.


Medium: which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you had explored? Include photo.


The medium I used the most was colored pencils. I found it the easiest for me to work with and it could be used on a variety of projects. I used my own colored pencils so I had a wide variety of colors that worked well for the color project. Colored pencils don't smudge so they were easy for more defined projects. I didn't use charcoal on any of my projects. When we tried the charcoal sticks at the beginning of the semester, I did not really like them. I do wish that I had used the charcoal pencils though.


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  1. Awesome final! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep taking art. I loved having you in my class and I can't wait to see you in art again.