Printmaking - Pop Art

Printmaking - Pop Art

Artists Develop Art Making Skills

As a part of this project I learned how do do printmaking. Before this project I only had some idea about what printmaking was. It was a new skill with new materials that i had never used before. Now I know exactly was it is and how to complete a printmaking project. 

At first I was confused about what parts to cut out and what parts to leave. Once I started cutting, it made more sense and I was able to complete the project correctly.

Artists Reflect

During this project i analyzed my work a lot. there are many steps to printmaking and everything has to line up almost perfectly. after every step, i would look at my art and make sure i liked it before moving on. with printmaking, once you move on and cut for the next step , there is no going back, so this requires the artist to really look at their art and make sure it is right.

You also have to consider how the next step is going to lay out before you make it permanent. Before each new layer, I would print on scrap paper to make sure I was happy with all of the cuts. Then I would print on to my actual project.

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